Latvian Authorities Deported a Member of the Council of the Workers’ Front of Latvia

On October 11, 2022, comrade Gorshkov (a Lithuanian citizen), a member of the WFL Council, was detained by the Latvian police and escorted back to Lithuania. The decision to deport him was made by Interior Minister Kristaps Eklon on the pretext that he allegedly posed a threat to Latvian national security. On the basis of the note from State Security Service from September 14 Mr. Gorshkov was included in the list of undesirable persons for stay in Latvia and he was forbidden to enter the country for three years. This is the maximum term for EU citizens.

Of course, Konstantin Gorshkov does not pose a threat to national security. He was added to the black list because the Latvian authorities did not like his appeal to the UNHRC about the demolition of the Liberators Monument, in which Latvia is a defendant. Thus, the deportation of an WFL member is an illegal political repression. The deportation will be appealed in court.

The deportee was left in an open field at the Latvian-Lithuanian border (which has no border control), where he waited for several hours at night in the cold until friends arrived.

It remains to be added that the procedure by which Konstantin was deported was not intended for EU citizens. The document issued to Konstantin upon deportation stated that he was being deported from the European Union to the Republic of Lithuania (!!!) and that he was banned from entering the Schengen area for 3 years (!!!).